3 essential websites for digital artists

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With this post I’m not going to discover something new for most of you, but I’m pretty sure there’s going to be people who for any reason don’t know this three websites, powerful references for the today’s digital artist. So here we go:

Smashing Magazine

Without any doubt this site should be your homepage if you consider yourself a graphic designer. Visiting it frequently will give you tons of daily inspiration and graphic resources that will save you on any project, I can guarantee you that. On top of that, they talk about everything on digital creation, so you can read about templates reviews for your blog or tutorials about how making your mascot designs right, or even posts about productivity. They also published some interesting books that you should definetely take a look.


Talking about deviantART is talking about the biggest artistic social network out there, and in fact they don’t need any presentation. It’s not just about discover and meet new artists, designers, animators, photographers and more, but share resources and tutorials, so the experience is really great. And there’s a lot of interesting contests too. The downside? Well, there’s a lot of terrific professionals and you can get really depressed.

Video Copilot

The site from Andrew Kramer is the reference for the visual effects aficionados. Kramer have an outstanding professional career, working on the title credits of TV shows like Fringe or motion pictures such as Star Trek (2009). In his website we have plenty of free video-tutorials about After Effects, so you can learn some motion graphics or visual effect tricks for your short movie. Furthermore, there’s a great variety of paid products that allows you to do everything you want with this software.

And how about you? Which is your essential website you would like to recommend?

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