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It’s been for years since I did my first professional illustration. Well, that’s not accurate, since I debuted in 1998, just 15 years old, drawing an erotic illustration for the cover of an extravaganza novel from Italy. But that’s another story. It was in May 2007 when I did my true first professional illustration, when I was aware that my B plan, working as a graphic designer, it became my main job. But karma always have its ways, and my art director at that time, to which I owe some beers, give me the chance to get back to what I love the most. And here I am, with one foot on each side, because no matter if you draw or design: it’s all about create nice stuff and tags are not that important.

So now I’m working with everything I got: drawing, designing and so on. And just today, it’s been four year working as a freelancer doing everything I can. It has been a ride, but there’s still a path to walk by. I’m happy though, because in this four years I get the opportunity to meet great people to collaborate with and I feel I grow up as a professional. Plus I’ve been working as illustrator and graphic designer with important brands, both Spanish and international, such as Círculo de LectoresColaCaoPhoskitosAmerican ExpressVuelingConguitosGrupo Anaya or Gobierno de Aragón.

And now, 4 years later, I feel like I could start a blog. I already have some posts, with similar content as my portfolio, so this not begins as a single and loner post. But the idea is getting deep on what I do because FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn don’t have enough space to do so. I would like to do tutorials, reviews o work in progress about my artwork, and talk about events or other art related stuff. There nothing defined yet, but a little bit of propaganda is always good for business, so please, stay tuned.

So if you are still reading this, good for you! There’s more people to congratulate today! Anyway, I’l see you around.

Pablo Fernández
professional learner

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Glad to see that you made it alright and that it was an adtevnure. i have read most of the books you guys left . Karen kept me updated but it is nice to see your post. The idea that you should keep writing is much appreciated here and hope to see more of what you have to write.The water on the creek is amazingly high and you were very wise not to drink the water.Montana creek moved part of our property downriver at the same time, so the neighbors place is a little bigger and we have an island now.Where you are at is beautiful and I expect that you will have a grand time living thereI remember the skunks and the skunk cabbage that grows in the wetland in Oregon, and I think I would rather clean a dog of skunk smell than pull quills out of an inquisitive nose. Take care.