Turn your iPad into a Wacom tablet

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Wacom, the reference company for professional graphic tablets, announced the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for the iPad a few days ago, a device that allows you to draw directly over the tablet screen.

The most interesting feature of this stylus is its nib, 25 thiner than the competitors, so now it’s something better than drawing just with your finger. With this new product we gain in precision, so this tool looks like a must for any illustrator who owes the iPad.

That said, this new Wacom gadget is not the cheaper version of its high-end devices, like the Cintiq, since the stylus is not paired with the iPad. That means we’re going to miss a key feature from their products: the pressure detection.

So for me looks like a nice complement to do small illustrations or sketches, but it doesn’t look good enough for a more professional use. But seems normal since Wacom presented the stylus with the Bamboo brand name, which usually uses for its non-professional products. Then again, there’s no limitations for an artist, and I’m sure we’ll see great thing coming from this.

The Wacom Bamboo Stylus is available now on the Wacom website for just 29,90 euros + shipment.


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