New and amazing Wacom Cintiq 24HD announced


Wacom is on fire. After the company presented the Bamboo Stylus (digital pen for the iPad) or the Inkling (digital pen for… any notebook actually), now it’s time to present to all of us the most incredible gadget: the amazing Cintiq 24HD.

The Cintiq family is the high-end range of professional tablets from Wacom, a dream comes true for any designer, illustrator or graphic artist. Basically is all about to translate the good things of your favorite graphic tablet to a monitor, as you can draw over the screen.

The new Wacom product comes with 24 inches and HD, with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and 2048 pressure levels. Now, a gadget like this costs about 2,500 euros, so if you want this, you should think twice if your really need it.

A few years ago I was a proud Cintiq 12WX owner, the little brother of the presented product, and I should say it’s a great gadget, but it’s not for me. I sale it a few weeks later and continue working with my Intuos4. I just got the feeling when I was drawing that the screen precision was way low than my tablet. And at the same cost, I preferred a 27 inches monitor and the best graphic tablet, instead the 12WX.

The true is, before you buy a product such as the new Cintiq 24HD, I recommend to really think through pros and cons, and if you have the chance, get your hands on. Perhaps it’s the most expensive product, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best product for what you might need. Besides, there are great artists which do amazing stuff with just a plain Wacom Bamboo… or even pencil and paper.

Más información en la web oficial de Wacom.

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Haha, I’ve been putting a sheet of paper on my taeblt for years too. It does feel a lot better and I feel I make better drawings with it. I’ve also recommended some friends to try it out, but they don’t like the texture and prefer the slippery plastic/glass feel. Whatever rocks their boat, I guess I use a medium size Intuos4 and cut my paper to match the size of the sensor . I find it confusing to just lay a whole sheet over the Wacom. I’ve also removed the rubber grip on my pen, as I found it too bulky. Without the grips the pen feels alot thinner, like a real pencil, and I find I have better control over my strokes that way. I don’t use the side buttons, so I removed them too.Another reason why I remove the grips is cause in time it becomes sticky, which I find uncomfortable.Another thing I use to prevent the sweating and dirtying of the paper is that I wear a very thin glove (sort of like comic book artists use) and cut the middle, pointing and thumb sleeves at the first knuckle, leaving only the ring and pinky fingers covered. But I’ve seen Wacom sell proper gloves for use especially with the Cintiq.

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