From Mobile World Congress to Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Thanks to my job, this year I’ve been in this two important events in their respective sectors, since lucky me, they are somehow connected though my current work field: interactive children’s books and comic books for mobile and tablets.

I already had been at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year. It’s really big, enormous, and inaccessible to pour mortal souls like you and me. The feeling you get by being there is that you are just an extra, a kind of spectator of big agreements that they are outgoing somewhere else at the convention. But even if this is true, walking around some suit guys, you always can be in interesting presentations of the latests products, which will be in the market next year.



If you think Bologna Children’s Book Fair is less spectacular than MWC, you are wrong.

The children’s book industry is enormous as well, and this fair, located in a small Italian city, is such a big event, with tons of activities and conferences, not only for publishers, but for artists or translators. They are trying an effort to embrace the digital revolution, but the big companies are really slow on this.

Of course if you are an illustrator Bolonia is an event that you need to get in. There is a lot of really good opportunities, if you are willing to be ready for it, but there’s the feeling that licensing big IP’s has a major presence at the fair. But anyway, there are a lot of publishers and I’m pretty sure you can meet one having interest on your work. On the other hand, it’s a fantastic place to meet other artists and exchange experiences.

Two different events with some points in common, and I’m looking forward to enjoy both again soon. And in the horizon, new and interesting fairs about art and tech that I hope to visit… :)



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