Special Fried Love begins production

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Special Fried Love is the project I presented to Editores de Tebeos (EDT) through the 2012 Comic Book Grant from Carnet Jove. Although I wasn’t lucky enough to get selected to be published, I was really satisfied about how it finally looked. Because of this I decided to continue developing the book, with the goal in mind of be published by someone else next year. And of course, if thinks don’t work out, I always have the chance of go crowdfunding and/or digital.

“’Special Fried Love’  is a romantic comedy, halfway between an intimate story and an absurd cartoon. It tells about the relationship between David, a truly dreamer with Peter Pan Syndrome, and Mei, a crazy asian girl born in Barcelona, and how their encounter will change their lives forever. A comic book about culture shock, how define yourself and find your place in the world… without still smiling.”