Three years later…

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I was aware that I had my blog totally abandoned, but it has been now when I really noticed that it’s being almost three years since the last update. And believe me, this is not because it didn’t happen to me anything interesting to tell about.

For instance, in this three years I get really deep in the tech startup scene. After my adventure with interactive children’s books, I get myself into a new industry that I’ve been always passionate about: video games. I’ve been working for two years and a half as a Senior UI Artist at Social Point, one of the mobile game studios with more relevance here in Spain. And I’ve specialize in UI/UX, which is currently highly demanded.

Besides that, I think my illustrator skills really get improved. Among some specialization courses, I had the chance to take the Advanced Character Design course at Schoolism, with the great artist Stephen Silver. It was a true pleasure to have him as an instructor, I learn a lot of good stuff and I’m looking forward to repeat this experience in the future.

During this time, thanks to those courses –and to never surrender–, I’ve been recognized for my work in different ways, which makes me really happy. On one hand, the Spanish Tumblr team give me an interview in their relevant users section. On the other hand, such a great blog on its category as Character Design References mentioned me too. And recently I win the possibility to participate with one of my illustrations in the Capcom Fighting Tribute art book, which will be published by Udon Entertainment this July.

And I saved the best for last: I’m going to get married! :)

So taking advantage of the Indeep‘s 9th anniversary, I’m getting back the blog and redesigning the website, eager to be more active than ever. I hope to have the chance to continue explaining new achievements and growing up as a professional. I’m pretty sure one day, dear reader, we’ll end up meeting somewhere.


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